A Thorough Process to Creating Your Financial Plan

We specialize in comprehensive financial planning, which entails analyzing all the pieces of the puzzle to make sure they align with your goals. These may include your investments, company fringe benefit plans, insurance policies, taxes, and estate plans. We have a thorough process that helps us gather the information we need to create a financial plan that works specifically for you.

The “Fit” Appointment

The purpose of our initial meeting with you, as a potential client, is for us to learn a little about you and for you to learn about us and our approach. It’s important for us to know that we will be a good fit for each other—an imperative first step in the process of building a lasting relationship. 

The Financial Planning Process

To begin the process we’ll have you complete a financial questionnaire and ask you to bring copies of your tax returns, insurance documents, wills, and any other financial information, which will provide us with a complete picture of your current situation.

The next step is a personal interview, where we ascertain your financial as well as your personal goals. This interview, along with your current financial data, will allow us to create a financial roadmap for you. 

We also believe in working collaboratively with your accountants or attorneys, when necessary, so that you have a cohesive team working on your behalf.


As we work together, we want to make sure you understand our recommendations. Before moving forward on any significant decisions, we explain everything to your satisfaction. Whenever you have a question, we want you to feel comfortable asking.

Consistent Follow-Up

Once a financial plan is in place, we follow up with you to review your goals and let you know of any suggestions we might have to keep you on track. At the same time, we know that life changes occur or priorities shift. Whatever happens, we're here to keep your financial affairs in order.

Access to Wealth Vision

Service is our priority. In order for us to service and support our clients, and assist them in becoming organized with their finances, we implemented Wealth Vision in 2007. Wealth Vision is a secure, password-protected, encrypted personal web address, which provides a holistic view of our client’s financial data.

Wealth Vision is a powerful tool which helps you organize every aspect of your financial data into one place. It is designed to be the foundation of all of our interactions, and creates accountability and clarity in our communication with you. At the same time it provides you with a way to monitor and stay on track with your financial plan. Clients consistently comment that the organization afforded by Wealth Vision, along with our planning process, provides them peace of mind.

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